Top skincare tips for wearing a mask

Many of us are suffering with different skin issues now that we are wearing masks, including sore patches across the nose, pimples, spots and eczema.  People who already suffer from rosacea, acne, eczema and allergies are more likely to experience problems when wearing a mask.

Did you know that some of the commercial face masks are pre-treated with formaldehyde to disinfect them?  However, if you’re allergic to it then those masks could definitely cause irritation.


What actually causes the breakouts?

Part of the problem is that the areas that the mask is covering, the nose, mouth and chin, are delicate and easily affected by any type of change.  When you are wearing a face mask your skin is constantly being exposed to warm and humid air that contains oil, nasal mucus, saliva, sweat and bacteria. This then causes your pores to become blocked and breakouts to occur.

The type of face mask you’re wearing could also make matters worse.  Synthetic fibres, like acrylic, polyester, rayon and nylon are not only treated with harmful toxic chemicals during production but they simply don’t let the skin breathe, creating a lovely environment for bacteria to flourish.

How you launder your masks can make a big difference as well.  Heavily scented detergents and softeners can cause itching, redness and rashes.



Top Tips for happy skin

  1. Wear natural fibre masks that allow your skin to breathe.
  2. Launder masks in unscented detergents and softeners. Make sure to launder your masks regularly and keep clean ones separately.
  3. Follow a gentle skin care routine: Cleanse, tone (with floral water) and moisturise every morning and evening and as soon as you take your mask off. Find out more HERE.
  4. Avoid using harsh exfoliators as these can cause tiny tears in the skin which can easily become a breeding ground for bacteria, causing pimples and acne. Try using one of our Konjac Sponge instead.
  5. Avoid using chemically-laden products that could potentially cause irritation and sensitivity.
  6. Skip make-up underneath the mask as this will clog pores and aggravate spots.
  7. Use a natural, moisturising lip balm to keep lips soft.
  8. If you can, soak some cotton wool pads in floral water (I would recommend lavender or geranium as they’re gentle) and use throughout the day to wipe away some of the dirt and grime that will have built up under the mask. This will instantly make your skin feel fresher!
  9. If you develop sore areas I would highly recommend using our Sleep Balm to help heal the skin and provide a barrier between the mask and skin.

One of our customers was really suffering with skin irritation and spots since wearing a face mask.  She has been using our Oat & Mandarin Cleanser and I’d love to share her response with you.

“My skin has been awful from wearing my mask all the time in the hospital at work but your cleanser has made my skin feel amazing so thank you”

Most importantly, remember to be kind to yourself and your skin.  We are wearing these masks to protect each other and as long as we treat our skin well then we can avoid some of the unpleasant side effects.

Happy pampering!!


and the Puremess Team xxx


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