The charm of the Puremess CoziBox

What is a CoziBox and why have we created it?


The idea of Hygge (pronounced hue-guh) really means a lot to me.  After being diagnosed with breast cancer I had to take a long hard look at how I lived my life.  I’m a giver, a feeder and I think naturally that means I put myself last.

Taking care of myself is still something I struggle with but I try to find a way, even if for a few minutes, every day, to do something that fills me with joy.  Sometimes that’s taking some extra time over breakfast looking at a magazine, taking a bath with my favourite bath salts, or sitting with a candle and reading a chapter of my book.  Sometimes it’s baking some cookies, or lying with a face mask on.

I don’t lock myself in the bathroom, or tell the husband and kids not to disturb me as I feel this is a magnet for them to actually come and destroy my peace! I just try to sneak away and hope they don’t notice! We all have days where even finding 10 minutes seems to be an impossible task but the idea of Hygge is something that can be done alone or shared with friends and family and that’s why it’s so appealing.


Hygge actually means acknowledging a feeling or moment, whether alone or with friends, at home or out, ordinary or extraordinary as cosy, charming or special (  So when you’re curled up on the sofa with your favourite soft blanket and a cup of hot chocolate you are Hygge-ing!

I have learned the art of Hygge slowly over the last few years and have come to acknowledge that it is a really important part of my day. I take a moment (again, either alone or surrounded by my family) to acknowledge everything that I love about my life. I have come to love putting on my fluffy socks in the Autumn and Winter (and why they are included in our Cherish Gift Box).  It’s these simple pleasures that bring me the most joy.

So why not share this feeling with everyone else!  It also brings me an immense amount of pleasure to make other people happy. I am driven to make people feel good about themselves, to be  ‘Happy in Their Own Skin’ and so came up with the idea of a box containing gorgeous things that would bring a smile to someone’s face and a feeling of love and joy.

And so the CoziBox was born! There are 6 artisans involved, we are all local to Surrey and all absolutely love what we do.  I feel incredibly lucky to be working with them.

 So what can you find in our CoziBox?

All sorts of truly joyful products is the answer!  We include a range of artisan treats, handpicked just for you!

Caroline from Sweet C’s Chocolates includes the most divine handmade chocolates ever!  I always have to order a few more boxes because my dad can’t wait  2 months for the next box! They are made with single origin couverture chocolate and fine handpicked natural ingredients.

Victoria from Long Acre Preserves includes a mini jam or jelly using produce from her own or friends and family gardens as well as local hedgerows.

Lucy, from Inzho, makes the most amazing, and unusual soy wax candles infused with the perfect blend of essential oils to channel your inner spirit animal. The candles are all named after American Indian animals, so you’ll find Monkey, Grasshopper and Bear in your CoziBox. 

Laura Simons makes the most beautiful hand sewn handbags, purses and cosmetic bags using the finest materials, specialising in cork to make an unusual and unique offering.

Flossie Hunt is a seriously talented illustrator. Her prints are all unique and the detail is amazing.  Several of her prints adorn my workshop wall, including my favourite, which is a hummingbird.  I was supposed to be giving it as a gift but couldn’t part from it!

And finally, the CoziBox contains 2 handmade, natural skincare products from Puremess.  They are chosen to bring you the most luxurious, indulgent skincare experience.

I also wanted to make the unboxing experience a real treat too, making it joyous and charming, whilst also keeping the environment in mind.  The Cozibox itself is made from recycled paper fibre and comes from a company that is a leading supplier of sustainable packaging.  They handle over 5 million tonnes of paper fibre every year. That’s the weight of 25,000 jumbo jets!

Everything inside is wrapped with care, in plain white tissue paper and kiln dried wood wool, making this the perfect eco-friendly gift!

I truly believe that everyone deserves a little bit of Hygge in their life, whether that’s enjoying the CoziBox to yourself, or gifting it to someone else.  There is no better feeling than enjoying the simple things in life, especially when they have been handmade for you.

For more details check out our CoziBoxes here.

I really hope they bring you a piece of Hygge!



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