Sleep Balm 70ml

  • £10.00

70ml biodegradable tube

Our unique blend of essential oils ease your mind and calm your senses, ensuring you have a great night’s sleep. Perfect for relaxing anxiety and nervousness.


Gemma’s Top Tip: ‘For the best results apply to the soles of your feet! Our customers have found this also works on eczema.’

Sweet almond oil, beeswax, cocoa butter, tocopherol (vitamin E), bergamot, frankincense, lavender and chamomile essential oils and therefore geraniol, linalool, limonene, citral and citronellol
Sleep Balm contains Frankincense which helps to relieve stress and anxiety, mental fatigue and nervousness. Lavender has calming and relaxing effects, whilst helping to reduce insomnia and anxiety. New research suggests that lavender can even increase the time that you spend in a deep sleep. Blue Chamomile is a gentle herb that has a calming effect on nervousness and anxiety. Bergamot (also referred to as nature’s Prozac) is used primarily for relaxation, easing stress and helping with mental agitation. It has an exquisite calming and centering scent.
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