Revitalising Face Cream

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50ml aluminium bottle + pump option


Hyaluronic acid plumps up the skin, restoring its youthful glow! The addition of essential oils stimulates muscle contractions to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles.


Bergamot has an added property of helping to balance oily skin, combining with Cypress and Patchouli to create an attractive masculine scent.


Simply take a small amount of the cream and softly apply to your face and enjoy your youthful glow!

Water, aloe vera (water, aloe vera juice powder, sodium anisate, sodium levulinate, hyaluronic acid), pumpkin seed oil, jojoba seed oil, OliveM100, vegetable glycerin, tamanu oil, tocopherol (vitamin E), dehydroacetic acid, benzyl alcohol, bergamot, cypress and patchouli essential oils and therefore linalool and limonene.
Our Revitalising Face Cream acts as a powerful humectant that keeps the skin plump, hydrated, and young-looking! It also features tamanu oil, an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory (helping with eczema) and anti-bacterial oil that’s highly beneficial to the skin because it promotes the formation of new tissue and healthy skin. It’s suitable for all skin types. It accelerates wound healing and the growth of healthy skin. Pumpkin seed oil retains moisture, fights free radicals and maintains a youthful appearance. Bergamot, Cypress and Patchouli essential oils treat dry skin and also have wound healing and scar reducing properties.
Whilst it’s an integral part of your skincare routine, don’t forget to add our Oat & Mandarin Cleanser and Balancing Skin Toner before you apply our Revitalizing Face Cream. If you’ve got a beard, then look after that too with our Beard Envy!