Muscle Balm

Unleash the power of relief with our Muscle Balm, expertly crafted to address a spectrum of muscle concerns, from injuries to everyday aches and pains. Our distinctive blend of essential oils and Tamanu oil collaborates seamlessly to alleviate muscle spasms, diminish pain, and reduce inflammation.

With a nourishing base of organic beeswax, cocoa butter, almond, and Tamanu oils, this balm proves exceptionally effective on strained and fatigued muscles. Its anti-inflammatory properties provide relief from swelling caused by overuse or injury.

Our Zero Waste Muscle Balm comes in a 70ml bio-degradable tube, making it a conscientious choice for both your body and the environment.

top tip: this is also perfect for reducing the itch of insect bites

- £-11.00
  • £11.00