Why we support the Teenage Cancer Trust

As most of you probably know I’ve had cancer three times and I was lucky enough to be treated at the Royal Surrey County Hospital and The Fountain Centre which is a charitable trust. Individually, as a family and now as a business we have done our best to give a little back in recognition of all they did for us when I was going through treatment.

When I started doing some research on other cancer charities I was quite shocked to find out that The Teenage Cancer Trust is the only UK charity providing specialised nursing care and support to those affected and that at the moment their budget only allows for half of the young people diagnosed to receive support. In the UK around 7 people aged between 13 and 24 are diagnosed with cancer EVERYDAY!! How horrifying to think that for every teenager receiving support there’s another one going through it alone.

I can’t bear the thought of anyone, yet alone a young person, having to go through the ups and downs of cancer without the right, specialist support they need. This has got to change.

As a business we are now fully committed to providing all the help we can by donating either £5 or £7 (depending on the size) to The Trust for every ‘Beautiful You’ Hygge Care package we sell.

These packages have carefully chosen products, that have been endorsed by the UK Cancer Directory, to provide maximum relaxation and comfort and are perfect for anyone going through, or recovering from, any type of illness.

Please help us raise as much money as possible to greatly improve the number of young people having access to the care and support of the Teenage Cancer Trust by remembering these gifts when considering a gift for someone you know going through a hard time.

Available in the Puremess online store now!


Love Gemma xx


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