Sparkle and Shine: Discover your Inner Glow for a Better Life

Have you ever heard of the term ‘Glowing Up’? Well, it seems to be being widely used across the wellness industry, but what does it actually mean?

Glowing up isn’t just about putting lots of makeup on or getting into your best clothes for a night on the town, it’s actually much more about implementing a range of changes in habit, including appearance and mindset.

Glowing up is different to a makeover or trying a fad diet to lose weight. It’s much more about improving various aspects of your life and involves making positive changes to your both your physical appearance, mental and emotional well-being. The term ‘glowing’ is often used when someone is looking radiant, full of confidence and self-worth. A ‘Glow Up’ can sometimes be a sudden change but more often is a gradual change, where you adopt a healthier lifestyle, bring more happiness into your life through better relationships, pursuing your personal goals as well as enhancing your personal appearance. So ultimately a ‘Glow Up’ is all about looking and feeling your best.

Interested in trying a Glow Up for yourself? Let’s explore how we can start to implement some positive changes into your life.

  • Develop a healthy, growth mindset: You need to learn techniques to allow you to become open to change, embrace challenges and learn from your failures. Instead of shying away from challenges embrace them! This will allow you learn and grow and develop resilience and perseverance.
  • Learn from your failures: Rather than seeing failures as a reflection of your abilities, view them as opportunities to learn and improve.
  • Believe in your ability to improve: Instead of thinking that your abilities are fixed, believe that you absolutely have the power to improve with effort and practice.
  • Surround yourself with positive people: This is so important as their positive attitude and perspective can help you improve your own mindset.
  • Cultivate positive self-talk: Try saying a mantra every morning that sets you in the right mood for the rest of the day!

Fashion and style also play an important role in Glowing Up!  Finding and being confident in your own style, dressing for your body type and developing healthy wardrobe habits can be a fun and empowering way to express yourself and boost your confidence.

  • Determine your own style: this means you’ll makes fashion choices that reflect your personality and make you feel comfortable and confident.
  • Invest in staple pieces: These are high-quality, timeless pieces that you can wear for years to come.
  • Experiment with trends: Whilst staple pieces are important, it’s also fun to incorporate trends into your wardrobe.
  • Accessorise: These can really add personality and interest to your outfit!
  • Be comfy: Whilst it’s important to look good, it’s also important to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing.

Remember, fashion and style are personal and individual, so don’t be afraid to experiment and find what works best for you. By incorporating fashion and style into your glowing up journey, you can express yourself and boost your confidence.

What about the physical aspects of Glowing Up? It’s hugely important to take care of your body through an exercise regime, healthy eating and self-care practices such as skincare routines. This may sound easy but we often put our family and friends needs above our own. Self-care is NOT selfish! If you don’t take care of yourself you won’t be the best version of who you are for those around you.

Adopting a skincare routine will not only help your skin look and feel amazing, it will help your mindset as well. Just taking a few minutes each morning and evening, enjoying the process will reap huge benefits!

  • Cleanse your skin daily: This is a critical step in any skincare routine. It helps remove the dirt, grime, oils and impurities from your skin, leaving it clean, refreshed and ready to accept more products. Choose a gentle cleanser, one that won’t strip the skin and leave it dehydrated. Learn more about the benefits of our very own Oat & Mandarin Cleanser here.
  • Exfoliate regularly but gently. It really isn’t necessary to use a harsh scrub as this can actually make skincare problems worse. Try using a konjac sponge two to three times a week to avoid over-exfoliating.
  • Moisturise daily: This is essential to keep your skin hydrated and prevent dryness and flakiness. I always recommend using cream for during the day and an oil at night time, but you can always add a few drops of an oil to your cream for an extra hydration boost.
  • Use sunscreen daily: A mineral sunscreen protects your skin from harmful UV rays that cause skin damage and premature ageing. Make sure to apply it daily, even on cloudy days. TOP TIP: Always make this your last step or try mixing it in with your face cream.
  • Pamper yourself: Incorporating extra little skin treats such as a face mask occasionally can help to keep your skin healthy, removes deep impurities and help your skin to really glow!
  • Be consistent: Consistency is key when it comes to your skincare routine. Try developing and sticking to a routine every morning and evening. Remember that everyone’s skin is different so it’s important to find a routine that works best for you so that you can achieve healthy, glowing skin.

Glowing up is a journey of self-improvement that encompasses various aspects of our lives including our mindset, health, beauty and style. By adopting a growth mindset, taking care of our physical and mental health and developing healthy habits, we can become the best versions of ourselves. Incorporating a skincare routine and fashion choices that reflect our personal style can also contribute to your glowing up journey. Remember, ‘Glowing Up’ is not a destination but instead a continuous journey of self-discovery and growth.


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