Pinot & Grigio - Cancer Blog #6

So once again, back to the hospital for another operation.  I was getting good at this!  When I got there a lovely lady asked me if she could follow my journey for the day as she was training to be a theatre technician.  Having her there with me throughout made such a big difference to me, she was very comforting, she took my mind off of the procedure to come.  She also held my hand once I had let go of James’!  You know what, looking back I really feel for the person waiting because all the focus is on the patient.  James just had hours to wait and wonder, and drink bucket loads of coffee (hopefully spiked with whiskey).  Anyway, I went into theatre and before you know it I was back on the ward.  My lady was there telling me how well the procedure had gone and how fascinating it was.  A few hours later however I started to swell and was told I had to have emergency surgery as I had a haematoma.  I will never forget James’ face, I could just see him crumbling, it was heart breaking. So at midnight I was taken back into theatre.  It was actually a bit spooky because it was so quiet!  To be honest I don’t remember a great deal other than waking up in the ward early the next morning to two surgeons asking me if I had taken a look at the scar yet!  Well for one, I was trussed up like a Christmas turkey and two, I really wasn’t ready yet. I wanted it to be a shared moment between me and James.  I do remember desperately needing a pee and having trouble extracting myself and my drains (oh yeah, you wake up with drains in your side) from the bed.  You’ll be happy to know I managed it.  James came later that day and took me home.  My kids just took one look at the drains and were like ‘uuggghhh, that’s gross’.  Kids are hysterical aren’t they!  I am pretty fiercely independent so I think I was probably a bit annoying about bathing and washing my hair as I didn’t want any help.  Can’t say I loved the drains bit but there’s not a lot you can do about it as they are attached to you!  A week later I was back at hospital with my step-mum, who had arrived from America to help take care of me, having Pinot and Grigio taken out (it’s compulsory to name your drains 😉).  It felt good to be drainless and now I could enjoy Pinot Grigio in a glass rather than a drain!


Love Gemma x


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