Our Natural Skincare Superheroes


Founder - 'The Boss'

'Puremess has allowed me to turn a not so great situation, into something amazing. I'm so glad that it's now enjoyed by so many!'


Marketing - 'Digital Dynamo'

' I love working for puremess because it's products I love to use and  I'm proud to promote.  I also think it's really important that as my daughter grows she learns how to be gentle and kind; not only to the environment but also yourself, your body and your skin.'


Head of Production - 'Manic Maker'


'With a background in massage, reflexology and aromatherapy, I then moved into making the wonderful Puremess products which I find very interesting and rewarding.


Production Assistant


'l have always had a love for all things natural, and I am really enjoying working for a business I feel passionate about. My previous background was in market research and marketing.'


Delivery - 'Royal-ty Mail'


'I love the products that my daughter has developed at Puremess, and nothing makes me happier than seeing the smile on someone's face when we deliver to them'