How to Rock Smooth Legs!

Well, it really is time for those legs to come out, but it can be quite a scary prospect.  Mine look like they haven’t seen the sun in forever, white and dull and desperately in need of some TLC.

All is not lost however, and the legs of your dreams are just a few short steps away (other than if you want to have longer legs, then I can’t help you I’m afraid).

Before you get your pins out in public let’s start with exfoliation.  It’s the removal of dry and dead skin cells which lie on the surface of the skin.  Exfoliating will help a plethora of skin problems as well as increase the blood circulation, helping to achieve healthy and glowing skin.

If you have your legs or bikini line waxed you are pulling the hair from the root and although it grows back weaker it can sometimes get stuck trying to pierce through the skin and a spot forms.  Exfoliation helps by removing the dead skin cells allowing the hair to push through.

Exfoliation is also a must if you are planning on a getting a suntan this Summer. It allows the sun to affect new skin cells ensuring a longer lasting and more even tan.  However, it is also vital that use a high SPF to prevent sun damage and premature aging.

Exfoliation should become a mainstay in your weekly routine, try it twice a week as you don’t want to strip away your natural oils.  Consider choosing a product that contains natural ingredients and a moisturising agent such as Puremess Grapefruit Body Scrub which contains Himalayan Sea Salt and Coconut Oil, and is highly moisturising.  This ensures your skin is well hydrated afterwards, often negating the need for further moisturising. 

Exfoliation also increases the blood circulation and lymphatic system which has huge benefits to the body in general, encouraging new skin cell growth and breaking down and draining toxins.  After exfoliation the skin is left beautifully soft and ready for a really good moisturiser.

 Which brings us onto step two; moisturising. Now this is something I do, every single day, without fail.  I have dry skin which can feel really uncomfortable if I don’t use some type of moisturiser and I can’t even imagine what it would be like after I’ve shaved!  So I am never without a moisturiser. 

Water-based moisturisers won’t be as hydrating as those that are wax based and may need to be reapplied in the evening, however, wax based ones should easily last all day as they form a protective layer that seals moisturise into the skin without clogging up pores.  Puremess Body Custards have beeswax, rosehip and sea buckthorn oil, which are rich in antioxidants, helping to protect from free radicals that cause skin damage and premature aging.  They promote cell regeneration for a more radiant look, are anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial which is brilliant when your skin is dry or chapped.  Oh, and did I mention that beeswax also contains Vitamin A which has been proven to reduce age spots!

So, there you have it…. Two easy peasy steps to having the legs you long for!!  Shorts here we come 😊



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