‘Ohana ('oh-hah-nah') Candle

  • £20.00

Large 150ml jar

Burn time 35-40 hours


Small 75ml jar

Burn time 15-20 hours


Limited edition for spring, ‘Ohana is one of the most important words in Hawaiian as it symbolises family, so our ‘Ohana Candle has a warm scent which is indicative of the importance of a warm family.


This fabulous creation includes Tangerine, Rosemary and Lime essential oils which blend together to fill the air with a delightful fruity scent.
Soy Wax Tangerine, Rosemary, and Lime essential oils
Our ‘Ohana Candle eases anxiety and restores energy levels. It also features a fresh citrusy scent. Presented in a unique orcio glass jar.
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