Natural Deodorant - the truth!

The fear of sweaty armpits can prevent people from even considering moving away from mainstream deodorant products but you just have to read a few articles that are making the headlines to know that we should all be seriously considering moving over to natural products.

In a Times article, (Saturday 17th February 2018, This cult of cleanliness is a deadly racket), journalist Matthew Parris wrote ‘that anything potent enough to block your pores and destroy the body flora that give scent to our perspiration must be pretty strong stuff. We are unlikely to have a perfect knowledge of the possible collateral damage.’

And deodorants were just one of the hygiene product causing him concern!

I’ve met many people over the past year who have been interested in the natural deodorant that I make but have little or no idea that their current anti-perspirant contains potentially damaging chemicals, particularly Aluminium or one of its derivatives. The problem is we just all use these products without even thinking about what’s in them or what that could possibly mean to our health. Since surviving breast cancer 3 times, I have a keen interest in anything that goes anywhere near my armpits and so I only ever use a natural deodorant, even in the most stressful of situations.

Natural deodorants don’t contain aluminium but instead use ingredients to stop the unpleasant smells from developing and will even leave you smelling good without stopping normal sweat generation. And sweat is normal after all! The ingredients in natural deodorants are free from parabens, propylene glycol, triclosan and artificial fragrances and instead use essential oils that fight odour-causing bacteria from developing. They are also an excellent option for people with sensitive skin as the ingredients are less likely to be irritating.

When you sweat your body excretes the nasty toxins that have built up, which you want to get rid of. Chemicals found in most deodorants and antiperspirants block the body’s ability to get rid of these toxins through the skin. Aluminium is the most widely used chemical in deodorants and antiperspirants, accounting for about 25% of the ingredient list, but it basically blocks the sweat pores so they can’t sweat! Long term exposure to aluminium is concerning, especially when more studies are showing that it can be linked to breast and liver cancer.

Natural deodorants contain ingredients that smell beautiful and allow you to stay fresh without absorbing any toxins into your body and they can last all day. Take a look at the Puremess Sea Dew deodorant for women or White Cedar deodorant for men, available in our online store.



Love Gemma xx