Cover up! Skincare in the Sun


It’s so tempting to strip off and expose as much skin as we dare as soon as the sun comes out, whether that be at home or on holiday.  However, as most of us are aware, getting sun burnt or exposing your skin to lengthy periods of sunshine can have a negative impact leading to premature aging and certain skin cancers.

Choosing a suitable sunscreen can be tricky and using it properly even trickier!

Here are a few helpful hints and tips to make sure you stay safe in the sun:

  • Use a product with an SPF every day, rain or shine as UVA rays can penetrate through clouds.
  • Apply enough product to cover your skin liberally, being too stingy will diminish its effect.
  • You only need to reapply sunscreen every two hours if you are working outside, or in and out of water. If you are mainly indoors your SPF will still be effective by the end of the day.
  • Make your sunscreen the LAST product you apply as other products applied on top of your sunscreen can diminish its effectiveness.
  • Try using a mineral based SPF as opposed to a synthetic sunscreen as it is kinder to the skin, meaning you are less likely to have an adverse reaction to it. Mineral sunscreen are also effective immediately whereas synthetic sunscreens take about 20 minutes to become fully effective.
  • If you wear foundation, let the SPF sink into your skin first. Apply the foundation lightly (which will sit on the top of your skin) to make sure you don’t dilute the sunscreen, and therefore its effectiveness.
  • Use a product containing antioxidants BEFORE you apply the sunscreen as this will further protect your skin from skin damage. Whatever factor you choose some UV rays will inevitably penetrate your skin, generating free radicals which cause damage and premature aging.  Antioxidants work by fighting the effects of the free radicals, preventing sunburn and helping the skin to repair itself.

Our face creams, facial oil and body custards are jam packed full of antioxidant rich ingredients, like pumpkin seed oil, rosehip oil, sea buckthorn and essential oils. 



Sunscreen factors explained:

SPF 15 - blocks 93% of UV rays

SPF 30 - blocks 97% of UV rays

SPF 50 + - blocks 98% of UV rays


So make sure you stay HAPPY IN YOUR OWN SKIN by following these simple steps.